What you get:

  • Instant visibility, 24/7 – track payroll, tax, NI & Intermediaries returns in real time
  • Completely free – with bolt-on services designed to make your work even easier
  • Personal service – we always answer the phone personally when you call, and always will
  • Payroll is a walk in the park – and timesheets a breeze, you can even run them in bulk or groups
  • Bulletproof compliance  – we’ll keep you 100% compliant with all legislation, for free, forever
  • Approved by leading accountants – We’re pioneering best practise & ethical conduct


And as your business booms, you can offload the workload on to us:

  • No more email overload – we’ll handle the time-suck day-to-day emails & calls with workers
  • Super-simple onboarding  – our elegant app does all the heavy lifting for you
  • Secure documents – gain peace of mind with a secure library for your contractor’s contracts & payslips

Would an expert payroll team help you grow your business? Learn more with an informal chat on 0203 884 2422 or email us at info@thenetworkeffect.org.uk